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Wealth Management

Let’s Find the Right Investment Strategy for You.

Achieving your financial goals falls on two pillars: consistent, strategic savings and a solid investment philosophy. We support a passive investment strategy founded on a diversified asset allocation approach that uses your personal goals, risk tolerance and contribution time frame. Why?

Because this tried and true method is supported by Nobel Prize winning scholars, privately funded research centers and studies conducted by our nation’s finest universities. 

Account Security - We Put You In Control of Your Accounts

All assets are be held in your personal accounts, not ours. As advisors on the accounts we have advisor rights to only management investments. We do not have the ability to withdraw assets from our clients' accounts. Your assets are be held with Charles Schwab, one of the strongest investment banks in America. And because they’re a member of the Securities Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC), their client accounts are protected up to $500,000.

Through Charles Schwab, account statements are mailed directly to you on a monthly basis. In addition, you have direct online access to all accounts.

Ready to Help When You Need It.

We understand investing can test your patience, emotions and convictions. When markets are in a volatile period or the headlines warn of doom and gloom, our job is to keep you on track. 

Our Portfolio Strategy

We build a portfolio using low-cost index funds and individual bonds. Your total return relies on a consistent stream of dividends and interest which will be reinvested and compounds over time. Not remaining continuously invested means missing out on a significant portion of your potential returns.

Common Index Funds We Use Include:

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Our Wealth Management Process

Image: piggy bank symbolizing saving with a custom portfolio strategy

Synching Investments

We don’t use generic portfolios. Instead, we customize your portfolio to your specific needs. As we discuss your overall financial plan, we take into consideration which accounts to draw from and align investments accordingly. Each investment decision is coordinated with tax efficiency in mind.

Image: chart symbolizing tracking clients investment data

Measuring Results

As part of your financial plan, we determine a target rate of return used to measure the success of your investments. Based on these goals, we structure a portfolio with an expected rate of return that equals or exceeds the target. We use this goal as a benchmark for future investment performances as we monitor your plan’s progress.

Image: Magnifying Glass with Dollar Sign - Monitoring Progress and Financial Analysis

Monitoring Progress

Every year we update your plan to compare actual vs. plan performance. When necessary, we make changes to plan assumptions or income/expense items based on life changes.

Image: Palm Tree and Sun - Retirement Salary and Financial Planning

Retirement Salary

This will be your retirement distribution strategy. As you begin the transition into retirement, we handle setting up direct deposits, Required Minimum Distributions (RMD), tax withholdings, tax estimates, 401(k) and 403(b) rollovers/account consolidation and social security planning.

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