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Our Fees

What We Charge

We Believe Transparency Is Key.

As a fee-only firm, our fees are straightforward and easy to understand. Our prices will always be quoted up front to ensure you are satisfied and not surprised.

Let’s Get Started

Our initial meeting, whether in-person or on a conference call, helps us determine how we can meet your needs. Here we get to learn a little bit about you, your current financial situation, personal goals, concerns and values.

By the end of the meeting, it is our goal to understand your expectations and what you are looking for in a financial advisor. If we seem like a match, we also quote you a fixed price for our services. 

Financial Wellness Programs

At UFPG we understand that Financial Planning is not a product you purchase, but rather a process you engage in. Similar to Physical Wellness where you engage in Diet and Exercise, Financial Wellness is achieved through Wealth Management and Financial Planning. As a fee-only firm, you can engage us in either Wealth Management OR Financial Planning, however clients who see the most success engage us for both.

We have a list of packages below to determine your stage of life and how to best achieve your Financial Goals. Contact us today for an initial consultation!


Individuals and Families

All packages include:

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • Quarterly Review Meetings
  • Personal Tax Return Filing
  • Insurance Analysis and Recommendations


Business Owners

All packages include:

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • Quarterly Review Meetings
  • Insurance Analysis and Recommendations
  • Bookkeeping Services via QuickBooks Online
  • Qualified Retirement Plan Set-Up**
  • ** Third Party Administrator fees not included


One-Time Plans

Comprehensive Financial Plan

We recommend this bundle for families and individuals over the age of 40 who are approaching retirement or are currently in their retirement years.

Creating a comprehensive financial plan serves as your first line of defense against fluctuations in political, tax and economic environments. Together we focus on a broad range of individual needs and goals and how they shape your decisions on retirement, income taxes, investing, education, insurance and estate planning.

$2,000 to $7,500 (based on complexity)

Wealth Management

Many clients feel that managing investments on a day-to-day basis is time consuming, emotional and stressful. Instead of carrying this burden yourself, our team ensures that your investment goals and objectives are carried out by experienced and certified professionals.

These services may also include ongoing financial planning and tax preparation services, depending on portfolio size and fee structure.

0.25 % to 1% of the portfolio balance annually (depending on portfolio size)

Retainer Fee

Our retainer fee is designed for clients seeking ongoing financial planning, tax preparation services and periodic portfolio review without direct wealth management.

$2,500 to $10,000 per year 

Tax Preparation Services

We provide estimates for our tax preparation services upon request.

Request an Estimate  

Hourly Planning

We offer an hourly rate of $350 for specific financial or tax planning. This fee will be based on time spent instead of a flat, bundled rate. 

$350 Hourly Rate